Wordle’s first trial word has a high demand on vocabulary. Although the answers are not repeated every day, when you think about it, the game can have a fixed starting form, a set of words that do not contain repeated letters.

Specifically the following conditions need to be met:

  • Four words in each group
  • Each word has five letters
  • Five letters without repetition
  • Four words with no repetition of all letters

A number of words satisfying the conditions can be obtained by calculation, click here to view the source code, or just use the calculated words below.

slung  watch  bedim  proxy
chief  balmy  swung  dropt
grown  pylas  bedim  kutch
unfix  embow  stack  glyph
fakir  compt  vends  bulgy
depth  smirk  bacon  gulfy
divot  whack  flung  sperm
furzy  blive  swamp  noght
farce  width  glump  bosky
perch  unbox  swift  glazy
hexad  truck  filmy  spong
whist  pored  mucky  flang
quern  sixth  clomp  gawky
skied  foxly  whang  crumb
glode  barky  chump  snift
pyxle  round  might  backs
gloam  twink  fuchs  predy
spied  brawn  foxly  kutch
shrub  aztec  flowk  dying
ruble  potch  mawks  dying
modal  quegh  swink  crypt
sprew  batch  dungy  jolif
fishy  zante  drock  plumb
shrag  oxfly  unbid  kempt
chips  flunk  grove  bawdy
chirk  bawdy  spent  mogul
shuck  bigot  predy  flawn
lobed  stump  finch  jarvy
tewan  pilch  fjord  busky
dwelt  bunch  favor  skimp
emyds  virtu  bhang  flock
plant  shock  refix  budgy
thumb  eland  grovy  spick
siker  bawdy  potch  flung
segno  thump  dicky  brawl
braky  medoc  whisp  flung
dansk  trump  elbow  chivy
amzel  whist  frock  pudgy
those  bulky  dwang  crimp
sider  potch  flung  mawky
cetin  ampyx  shrug  flowk
batch  mured  gipsy  flown